FUN FACT:  Sir Flinders Petrie, a British anthropologist, found some objects in a child’s grave in Egypt that looked to be an early form of bowling. If his theory is correct, that would mean that bowling existed back in 3200 BC!  No signs of a 300 game were discovered 😊 Along with being a fun sport, here are other reasons bowling is good for you

  • Muscle toning and strengthening: Bowling helps promote muscle exercise of the lower body. Further, when you are swinging your arm to throw the bowling ball, the stretching and flexing that occurs provides enough exercise for the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints in your arms.
  • Weight loss: Bowling helps you slim down by speeding up your metabolism. Although the game is restricted to a small area, your constant movement while playing helps burn excess fat. You’re exercising your legs while walking back and forth, and working the rest of your body as you lift and swing the bowling ball down the lane. The average bowler walks approximately 3/5ths of a mile during a three-game series,according to
  • Improve social life: Approximately 2 million bowlers socialize and bowl together each week in leagues throughout America, according to The Bowling Foundation. Bowling leagues and teams allow you to meet fellow players and spend time with old friends. Finding companionship through bowling leagues and teams can ease loneliness in the elderly and others who live alone, reducing stress and depression. Social relationships around shared interests can increase longevity.
  • Reduce risk of disease: A sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease, according to WebMD. Exercise, including bowling, lowers your risk of stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, increases bone density, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and helps your body utilize oxygen better. Try to bowl once or more each week for optimum benefits.
  • Fun for the whole family: A large contributing factor to the simplicity of this game is the immense adaptability that it offers. The rules of the game are very easy to understand and learn, and the automatic scoring systems take care of all the scoring for you. Participants enjoy this sport not because they like the competition that comes with it but because of the fun they have and the ease with which they are able to pass the time with their family and friends.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Throwing the bowling ball and hitting the pins requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination. This kind of focus stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. This makes bowling the perfect game for young people to sharpen motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and for older people to refine tactics.